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Our Mission  is to establish a sanctuary, a sacred place of worship, prayer, and meditation which inspires, nurtures, heals, and connects us to the Faith of our ancestors; and to Welcome all pilgrims who seek the blending of mental and vocal prayer through the ancient practices of walking the labyrinth, praying and exploring the Mysteries of the Rosary.


What is a Labyrinth?

An Ancient Archetype:

For thousands of years, in many places and cultures, pilgrims have walked the labyrinth to find sacred wisdom. Its patterns teach us about life, about ourselves, encouraging us to turn our attention inward to deeper levels of understanding. Many visitors who might not be Catholic will be drawn by the special beauty and mystery in El Santuario, perhaps finding an ancient echo to the sand paintings of the Hopi, the mandalas of India, or the ancient tapestries of Tibet.

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