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After several years of guardianship of the Salazar bequest, The Committee incorporated  as a nonprofit organization under the Internal Revenue Service Code section 501(c)(3) as El Santuario de los Pobladores.  The Committee, and all who support this Mission in the future are to be known as Friends of El Santuario de los Pobladores.


EL SANTUARIO DE LOS POBLADORES is a non-profit organization in Colorado and its Employer Identification Number(EIN) is 26-0378255. EL SANTUARIO DE LOS POBLADORES was established on 08/2013.

Our Mission  is to establish a sanctuary, a sacred place of worship, prayer, and meditation which inspires, nurtures, heals, and connects us to the Faith of our ancestors; and to Welcome all pilgrims who seek the blending of mental and vocal prayer through the ancient practices of walking the labyrinth, praying and exploring the Mysteries of the Rosary.


Meet The Board of El Santuario de los Pobladores

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